In April 2023

Living in Mapleton, Oregon and a bit in Pleasanton, California.

It's been a rainy month in the coast range. We've been exploring the coast and spending time in one of my favorite places: Cape Perpetua. It's one of the most special places of the already fantastical Oregon coast. Steep Sitka Spruce forested hills drop off dramatically into landscapes of kelp clinging to violently wave-battered basalt. It's the place I think of when I see that Oregon license plate that says "Pacific Wonderland." That's Cape Perpetua.

Later in the month, we drove down the coast to the Bay Area, which was like driving into summer. It's my favorite time of year there; everything's incredibly vibrant green. A short lived treat.

I'm starting to work on the first Rainflame tool: a way to make finances more tangible. It's going to be fun to get back into coding after a year long hiatus.

In March 2023

Living in Rainier, Oregon and a bit in Seattle, Washington.

We took a trip up the Columbia River Gorge to Hood River and into Washington, stumbling on Conboy Lake National Wildlife Refuge. That little piece of Washington state is particularly beautiful in its extreme remoteness; it reminds me a lot of the tucked-away and seldom-visited parts of Northeastern California.

Another highlight of the trip was the Maryhill Museum of Art, a striking old mansion in the middle of nowhere overlooking the gorge. It houses a large collection of chess sets that are worth the trip.

Getting back into writing. Making this website.

In February 2023

Living in Oakridge, Oregon.

Enjoying the sun and rain mixing in the Cascades. I've particularly loved being able to go any direction and finding some logging road to drive. You can wind forever through the forest, only stopped by fallen trees and the snow.

Learning how to make maps. Exploring the Willamette National Forest inspired me to try creating a map of areas of old growth forest using USFS datasets.

In January 2023

Living in Berkeley, California.

Packing up. Sydney and I have been living in Berkeley for a year and a half, but it's time to move on and explore some new places. We're planning to spend the Spring moving between towns in Oregon.