Gemini Protocol

I spent a couple hours tonight exploring the geminispace –sites that use the gemini protocol . Gemini allows only text and links and makes for a very quiet browsing experience. Everything takes on the same sort of vibe, which is a very different sort of experience for the internet. Each “portal” is difficult to tell apart, but there’s something nice about this blending.

It seems like people haven’t really started exploring it much. The majority of sites are journal or blog like. I have yet to come across a use of the protocol that feels particularly fully committed-to. That’s probably because there are only around 1200 sites now according to Wikipedia. It’s also not super easy to access; there are a few ways but they all requiring installing packages and such. I haven’t even started looking at setting up a server.

I think it’s worth experimenting with myself. Maybe this site could be served as a gemini portal.

Some interesting gemini links:

  • gemini://
  • gemini://