Hypocrisy and Contradiction

It seems that there’s a fundamental sort of distaste we have for people that are hypocrites. A base instinctual mistrust, a dis-ease. It’s a “get him outta here” kind of thing. “Can’t trust that guy.” There’s something evolutionary there I think.

Am I a hypocrite? Yes. Do I find myself hating hypocrites? Yes.

It’s so easy to hate hypocrites. They make it easy simply by the nature of their hypocrisy. I certainly won’t pretend be above that sort of thing.

And yet, who can deny not being a hypocrite at some point? We all are, espousing some gibberish about how people, ourselves included, “should act.” Do we always act in accordance to those standards? No.

The should part seems to be key. We imagine some way of being, some future, better state. If we believe in it, that’s its something we want, we use that should word. People should act this way. We should all do this. You should try this. Then it turns out that we don’t.

I think this says less about the person doing the should-ing and more about the goal; the original design for the future state that brought about the will-to-should. If you can’t act in accordance to whatever the principles of that future state are, then perhaps the future state was not as fleshed out as it should have been, not presented in as nuanced a light as it should have been. Or maybe it was wrong altogether.