I hate lawns. What’s their point?

One might say:

  • They’re neat and tidy
  • They’re multipurpose; you can use them for a host of different sorts of activities
  • They keep ticks and other bugs away from people
  • Why wouldn’t you want one?

I realize that having grown up in California, I probably haven’t been raised in the sort of environment where you’d come to appreciate a good lawn. Public green spaces, fields at schools and parks, sure. But as a frontyard, backyard, and sideyard? What’s the point? It feels like such a waste of space. Not to mention all the upkeep and water that’s required to maintain them.

What if that space was used to grow food? To plant different sorts of plants, add some variety to the mix?

This is clearly one of those areas where I simply can’t appreciate what others value. I think the neatness quality plays a big role–it’s a way to stay in control and broadcast something about competence and care. All very nice, but there’s so many more interesting ways to do that!

Lawns are stupid, and that’s my stupid opinion.