One Dimension

One dimension is an experimental writing system that links thoughts together through bi-directional links.

The goal of this system is to explore the creation of a recorded and constantly evolving body of reflection and synthesis. I don’t know if this will be the best medium for it, but it seems like a decent first step.

I’ve elected to make One Dimension publicly viewable. There’s something important about putting these thoughts into a form that’s readable, even if it’s never actually read. A symbolic gesture for myself. That said, the quality is likely to be variable. I’ll probably write a lot of contradicting things here. Things I eventually disagree with, changes in thinking. It’s my hope that growth can be better recorded through a system like this.

I built One Dimension as part of a larger yearlong endeavor to create a series of small websites. This project is a bit of a mash up of different systems I find inspiring, primarily Xanadu, Wikipedia and .

How it’s built

One Dimension is a folder of markdown files on my desktop. I built a series of tools to interact with those files and save and edit them from my browser. The online version of the site is generated as a bunch of static files and served from AWS S3 object storage behind Cloudflare’s CDN. The source code for all of these tools can be found in the project’s repository .



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