I don’t like owning things.

For the most part, at least. There are also things that I really like owning. But back to the dislike:

Each time I’m considering whether or not to purchase an item, I face a dilemma. Presumably if I’m thinking about buying the item, I need it or want it. Yet once I have it, I feel like I need to have a plan for it. I never view items as something that I’ll own indefinitely; at some point they’ll have to move on. So when acquiring something new, there needs to be a plan for what happens when I no longer need or want it.

Luckily this question culls out the majority of purchases that I’d make for questionable reasons, and prevents me from ending up with much stuff at all. But there are some trickier moments too, when I really do need or want something and have to come up with a clear end-of-ownership plan. Having the plan attached to each item is definitely a positive; it leads me to feel confident that the thing has a place and exists for a reason, without it feeling like a burden to own.