It seems like people really like to worship philosophers and philosophy. Certain ideas are attributed to certain individuals and books, and it’s often framed as if there’s something unique about their perspective that we can “learn from.” The phrase “x says…” is all to common.

I find the majority of philosophy to be a complete waste of energy. Who cares about who came up with an idea, or the stupid semantics and bullshit academic paper-writing circlejerk that surrounds it?

The only “philosophy” that matters is the kind that you figure out yourself. What occurs to you, what arises from your own experience. Maybe some philosopher or author can stimulate an idea, but why are they the important one? You’re not living your life thanks to the fact that a guy wrote down an idea, you’re doing it because there’s an underlying truth that both of you realized. It’s the idea, your interpretation and implementation of it that counts.

The best ideas about how to live aren’t ideas, they’re just how you live.