Wariness of Progress

I’ve found myself becoming more and more wary of progress. Here are a few open questions:

  • What is progress?
  • Why do technologists often measure progress in economic terms? Why is this the best indication of how we’ve progressed? What is the best measure of progress?
  • What is it about the progress of the last 30-40 years that has resulted in nearly immediate acceptance by such a large segment of the population? What is it about the progress in that time that should be more quickly accepted than the progress of the 50 years prior to that, or the 100 prior to that?
  • What is the consequence of increased interdependence forcing us to adopt new ways of life and technology?
  • How far can we push ourselves away from our True Nature before we realize how far we’ve strayed and swing back? Will we swing back?
  • Why do technological utopias almost always involve strong interdependence?