Who are we?

It’s amazing how much everything we’ve built hides the truth of the world from us. With more complexity the further we get from the essential nature of things.

Much of what we think of as improvement is a step back. It pushes us into our own internal manufactured worlds, into the make believe.

And so we turn everything beyond us, everything non-human into the other. We call it nature. It’s often in our way; a dangerous and chaotic place to be tamed. Or it’s something to be fetishized, to turn into surface-level pornography as some strange anthropomorphized being mother nature. It’s bizarre.

Our relationship with nature is tending towards being more and more retarded. The fact that we even consider ourselves separate from it is insane. We obsess over what is man-made from what is natural. The separation isn’t a physical one–it’s a mental one! We’re all the same stuff, it’s just that our internal worlds have been so tightly bound, so squeezed into a particular shape that we can’t help but see things in terms of two separate worlds. Human and nature. Order and chaos. Not so!

We’re nature, it’s all one thing.