Writing is flawed. It’s an imperfect medium to be sure. But still so approachable compared to all the other forms of expression.

I find myself fluctuating between writing in a particularly flowery, overly metaphorical way and writing in as direct and simple a way as possible. The metaphorical approach feels best when first formulating thoughts and sentences, the simple approach seems to emerge when I actually try to read those sentences. Simple tends to prevail.

Of course that means plenty of thoughts or feelings won’t be well-expressed. I don’t think flowery metaphorical language gets any closer at expressing them than simple language, it just feels like it does in the moment.

The goal is to find something in between, a style of writing that though terse, expresses something beyond the simplicity of the construction. Or, perhaps, complex construction that can be interpreted with ease. An impossible contradiction, perhaps, but still the goal.

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